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– Joe Chernov.

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Search Engine Optimization is the key to increase in traffic on your website. Well, SEO is as important for the quality and quantity of traffic as fresh air is to sustain life.

On Page Optimization
Anything and everything that needs to be taken care of directly on the website like; Meta description or title tags is an important aspect of SEO. Don’t worry we take care of it for you.
Off Page Optimization
To promote ones search rankings, one needs to take measures outside the website as well. So, we’re here to help to create backlinks and get your website rolling.
Audit Reports
These audits are basically done for marketing purposes and are an important requirement. We’re as serious about your business as you and we’ll leave no stone unturned to make you a hit.
Keywords Research
We understand your target audience and search for Keywords making sure that there is an increase in your search listings.
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SMO and SMM are two impactful marketing sources and we make sure that these sources are exploited to the fullest to benefit your business.

Social Ads
The quickest and most effective ways to market your brand is social Ads. We make sure that your business gets the hype you want.
We modify content to not only reach maximum number of people but also because we want it to be highly market friendly and user friendly.
We keep an account of your overall growth and the traffic on your page to help you strategize better and improve business.
Scheduling Posts
We make sure that you don’t miss out posting at all and hence, we schedule all your posts in advance. Can it get any more efficient?
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We’re thorough with Google Ads also known as Ad Words. The idea is to help grow your business with our expertise.

Keywords Planing
We analyze your business to understand the target audience and plan the keywords.
Ad Optimization
Every Ad that is posted is well planned after thorough research and designed to suit your needs.
Bid Strategy
All the bid strategies are tailored for different types of campaigns for the sole purpose of growth.
Geography matters a lot in business and it becomes all the more important when you are working with Google Ads. We got your back.
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Emails & SMS

They are the Oldest, most efficient ways to market your business. Well, they still are as much in play as they were a decade ago.

API Integration
Like communication is important among humans so is for different software components. Well, who are we if not here to help.
Campaign Setup
Ad words search campaigns are the lifelines of advertising platforms. Do not take them for granted!
Auto Reminder Setup
How would it be if someone always reminds you of pending tasks or important dates? DotComm is your go to person here.
For all your transactional mails, we got you covered with OTP for two step verification. Are you still in a doubt?
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