How to Create Authoritative Content for your Blog


Blogs are more famous these days for the persuasive solutions they offer to virtually any problem on this earth or even above. The content/or the literature presented in written form is what gives the blog its authority. Just by reading a few beginning lines a seeking reader understands how helpful the blogs going to be and vice-versa.

First and foremost thing to do is to dissect the title of this blog. From where does authority originate? What is authority? Authority is mastery on a particular subject of interest and it originates with the persons regular touch with his favorite subject by means of practice and an empathetic nature to share it with others in order to help them. Authority in simple words is hold, command.

When we fall sick we go to see a specialist doctor and not a novice because we know that the specialist doctor has solutions for a specific ailment which he has garnered through his rich experience. So, when a medical practitioner of such authority prescribes or suggests to us something, we listen to him without muttering a word, right?

Now, the question is how a blog writer can come up with persuasive, authoritative or action-seeking content. Listed underneath are a few time proven techniques that will help you write powerful content.

1)Read, think and take notes: For a blogger this has to be an almost incessant process. Because the blog content needs to change based on customer's interests and market needs. Without reading a few more blogs or articles pertaining to the given topic of interest and thinking deeply while taking notes a blogger cannot sound authoritative.

2)Exploit all the available multimedia resources: There is an information explosion right inside your computer, that is connected to the web world. You can get most of the information you want through the virtual medium blogs, vlogs, podcasts, case studies, interviews and what not. If you are lucky enough to find a book on the topic, bask in the warmth of ink printed in the book! Your role is to seek information in order to heighten the authority of your blog not to manipulate the content to save time. Such tactics will never help create an authoritative content.

3)eBooks and PDFs: There is no dearth of eBooks in the virtual world. Name a topic, you will find an eBook mostly in the PDF format. Download it immediately and read. Don't be in hurry to write even before you have savored the knowledge of what you have to write. That's the key. Gaining knowledge is the first step and presenting effectively is the next.

4)Language, Vocabulary and Syntax: Certain things never change Language and Syntax is one such. Although there is an addition of vocabulary based on shifting and confluence cultures and traditions, a grammatically correct language has always been music to the ear. When you take the responsibility of these things, your language flow and expression happen smoothly impacting and persuading the reader to read more and more. So, this aspect of the blog warrants a whole different topic by itself. Think carefully, how you are writing, because it's generating either authority or hoodwinkery. And if it is the latter one, remember, you're gone forever.

5)Create your unique style: There are millions of blogs on the same topic. So, what makes your content unique? There should be a fizz in your blog that is not found in other blogs. This helps you create a niche in the blog market. When you are reading, tell your subconscious mind to register the tricks the author uses to keep the readers glued. You tell your mind and it does it for you. Learn from the masters!

6)SEO Jargon: Search Engine Optimization is the Oxygen for the blogger in you. There are millions of virtual readers of your blog and it is the frequency of certain key words that people are searching for, the search engines trap and bring a virtual visitor to your blog. There are many keyword search tools like SEM Rush etc that would help you come up with blogs and key words people are searching for.

7)Tell the people the 'How' aspect more: Action verbs excite people. When you tell them how to go about a process systematically giving them information and taking them to the next level giving proofs of the previous levels completed, is quite exciting. People feel that your authority on the subject is more in comparison with fellow bloggers on the same topic. Because, you have not only given your reader the 'process' understanding but also gave him sufficient examples and testimonials.

8)Be available: Share your contact information with your valuable customers. Give them more number of possibilities to reach out to you. Seek suggestions from your reader. Take their name in your comments that will give them a moral high. Develop a congenial and affable relationship with your virtual readers community.

So, dear friends, I am sure these are a few tips from the many more methods that would enhance the authority and authenticity of your blog. Remember, your fundamental responsibility as a writer is to express and never to impress. A basic understanding of this infuses your writing with honesty and sincerity that show up even before the actual words are read! This is the golden rule. Believe me.

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Happy blogging!


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